We offer professional grooming services for all dog breeds from Toy to Giant. 


Full grooming services include organically formulated "Natural Groomer" Products. Natural Groomer uses only the finest of organic grooming surfactants, herbal extracts, and natural oils available, striving to meet the highest standards in these products, ensuring that they meet these standards, with the strictest of quality control procedures and guidelines. 


When you drop your loved one with us for grooming, you can be assured he/she is treated with love, affection and respect. Your babies will play in our day care area while they wait for you to pick them up, they are not caged and are under constant supervision while playing with the other dogs. We do have kennels that we use per your request if you prefer they do not play with the others and we use kennels for the un-socialized dogs that do not get along with others. Your dogs safety is always our first priority, whether grooming, training, or boarding.

Full Service Grooming Includes:


  • Nails clipped/ Dremel

  • Anal glands expressed

  • Ears cleaned (and plucked if needed)

  • Brush and demat

  • We shampoo twice to ensure they are clean all the way to the skin

  • Thoroughly rinsed

  • Dried with forced air hand-held dryers 

  • Breed specific hair cut, or per your instruction

  • Excess hair/knots shaved from pads

  • Hygiene area clipped

  •  Scissor Finish

  • Bandanas or Bows

  • All Natural Freshening Spritzer - We do not use heavily scented colognes



Add-On to Your Full Service Grooming:


  • All Natural Organic Tearless Blueberry Facial 

  • Hot Oil Treatment for dry, flaky, itchy skin

  • Organically Medicated Oatmeal Skin Treatment

  • Flea Treatments with All Natural Organic Shampoo 

  • Tropiclean Freshbreath Dental Treatment

  • De-Shedding System, all natural specialized shampoo and conditioning solution designed to open the hair follicle and allow the undercoat to release

  • De-skunking package

full service grooming
Poodle Grooming
hot oil skin treatment

"There is only one most beautiful dog in the world, and everyone owns it"

Full Service Grooming

DeShed Treatment
DeShed Treatment on German Shepard
Black Poodle Grooming
Yorkie Grooming

V.I.P. (very important puppy) incentives

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Dark Poodle Grooming

Hot Oil Treatment for Dry, Itchy, Flaky Skin

DeShed Grooming Treatment

Full Service Grooming with Bow

  • After 10 full service grooming sessions, your 11th grooming is FREE!